Pea Sugar Ann - Cornucopia Seeds

Pea Sugar Ann - Cornucopia Seeds

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Pisum sativum

The delicious taste of the popular ‘Sugar Snap’ pea in less space. Sugar Ann produces delicious, crisp peas on a compact bush plant that don’t need support. Eat pods and all. Ready in just 45-50 days.

28.3 g

Light Full sun
Row spacing 2.5 feet
Plant spacing 2 inches
Planting depth 1.5 inches
Days to germination 6-10
Plant height 2.5 to 3 feet

Gardener's Notes: Peas are a cool-season crop. Sow seed in early spring in fertile, well-drained soil as soon as soil can be worked. Plant 1 seed every inch. Thin plants when seedlings are 2 inches tall. Sow every 10-14 days until mid-spring for continuous supply. Harvest peas when pods are 2.5 inches long, plump and snap like a bean. In mild climates, grow during fall and winter months. 

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