Peppers Scotch Bonnet - Cornucopia Seeds

Peppers Scotch Bonnet - Cornucopia Seeds

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Hot Chile Peppers - Scotch Bonnet

  • Rich Spicy Flavor
  • Five Times Hotter Than Jalapeno
  • Use Fresh or Roasted 
  • No Need To Peel or Seed

Small, meaty peppers pack a punch in hot sauces and Tex-Mex dishes. This hot chile doesn't need to be peeled or seeded before eating. Fruits ripen to red. 

Gardener's Notes: 
Start seeds indoors 6 weeks before last spring frost. Sow 1/4" deep and 2" apart in seed starting mix. Keep very warm. When seedlings have several sets of leaves, transplant into individual containers. When outdoor temps are 13'C acclimate to outdoors. Plant 18-24" apart in fertile soil in full sun. Mulch well and fertilize monthly. Harvest at 2-2.5" long. Hot, dry conditions develop spiciest flavor.