Pollinator Flower Blend - Cornucopia Seeds

Pollinator Flower Blend - Cornucopia Seeds

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Pollinator Flower Blend - A Feast For Bees

  • Heirloom Flowers are Bee Magnets
  • Feeds Many Different Pollinators
  • Long Succession of Bloom
  • Great for Bouquets

Special blend of 19 easy to grow heirloom flowers to attract and feed honeybees, native bees, and many other important pollinators all season long. Blooming starts early and lasts all season with a variety of flower shapes and pretty colors. Plenty of flowers to cut for bouquets. 

Gardener's Notes: 

In early spring, after danger of frost is past, plant in well-drained soil in full sun. Scatter seeds thinly and evenly over finely worked soil. Use a rake to lightly cover seeds about 1/4" deep. Water gently and evenly. Keep moist. When seedlings are well-established, this 4-6" apart. Water plants regularly for best and longest bloom.