Onion White Lisbon Scallion - Cornucopia Seeds
Scallion White Lisbon - Cornucopia Seeds

Onion White Lisbon Scallion - Cornucopia Seeds

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Allium cepa 

  • Popular Heirloom Variety
  • Mild Flavor and Crisp Texture, Perfect for Salads
  • Favorite for Slicing, Bunching or as Table Onions
  • Use Stems as Substitute for Chives
  • Full Sun

The salad's best friend. A favorite for slicing, bunching or as table onions with mild flavor and a crisp texture. Stems can be a substitute for chives. 

Light Full sun
Row Spacing  12-18 in
Plant Spacing  1-2 in
Planting depth 1/4 in
Days to Germination 12-14 days
Plant Height 10-12 in

Gardener's Notes: Sow seeds in spring in light, fertile, well-drained soil. Plant 3 seeds per inch and thin to 1-2 inches apart when large enough to handle. Onions have shallow roots so water regularly and remove weeds. Begin harvesting when stalks reach pencil size. Sow new plantings every 2 weeks through summer for an extended harvest. White Lisbon onions can tolerate light shade.

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