Squash Table King Acorn - Cornucopia Seeds

Squash Table King Acorn - Cornucopia Seeds

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Cucurbita pepo

Often considered the best tasting winter squash, dark green Burgess Buttercup squashes have a distinctive button on the blossom end & thin but very hard rinds. They weigh a convenient 3-5 pounds, with super sweet, rich orange flesh that is absolutely delicious. Harvest in 80 days.

Light Sun
Plant spacing 4 feet
Planting depth 1 inch
Days to germination 7-10
Harvest 30 days

Gardener's Notes: Sow seeds in the gardens in spring only after day and night temperatures are above 50F (10C). Or start transplants 2-3 weeks before last frost. Plant into fertile, well-drained soil. Sow 5-6 evenly spaced seeds into 12-inch diameter mounds or "hills". Thin to best 3 seedlings. Water regularly. Harvest when vines die back and squash rinds are hard and cannot be pierced with thumbnail. Store in cool, dry location. 

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