Sweet Pea Old Fashioned (Bonus Pack)- Cornucopia Seeds

Sweet Pea Old Fashioned (Bonus Pack)- Cornucopia Seeds

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Sweet Pea Old Fashioned - Bonus Pack

Royal Family Mix Sweet Pea

Lathyrus odoratus

These deliciously scented flowers have been adored by gardeners for centuries. The vigorous, climbing vines are early to bloom with large flowers in striking colors. An excellent choice for showy borders and for cuttings. 

Approx 300seeds

Gardener's Notes: Sweet peas love cooler weather and bloom best before summer's heat. Plant in a sunny spot with good air circulation in rich, well-drained soil in very early spring, just as soon as soil can be worked. In mild winter climates, you can also plant throughout fall to overwinter for earliest spring bloom. Where summers get hot early, plant wher vines get some afternoon shade. In cold winter climates, seed scan be started indoors 6 weeks before planting outside- sweat peas can take a light frost. Protect young seedlings from slugs and snails. 

Sow seeds 1" deep and 4" apart. Provide strong trellis or support for vines to climb. Mulch and keep growing vines well watered. Cut flower stems often for extended blooming. The more you pick, the more flowers will develop.