Tomato Roma - Cornucopia Seeds
Tomato Roma - Cornucopia Seeds

Tomato Roma - Cornucopia Seeds

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Ideal for the gardener who cooks. This Italian paste-type tomato produces vigorous plants with an abundance of meaty fruits that are perfect for flavorful sauces or ketchup. Determinate (VFN). Harvest in 76 days from transplanting.

Light Full sun
Row spacing 2 feet
Plant spacing 2 feet
Planting depth 1/4 inch
Days to germination 7-10
Plant height 9 feet

Gardener's Notes: Warm season crop. Start seeds indoors in a container of seed starting mix 6 weeks before day and night temperatures are evenly in the 50 degree Fahrenheit range. Keep moist but not soggy and very warm (75-80 degrees Fahrenheit). When seedlings are 2 inches tall, transplant into larger individual containers. Plant outdoors in rich soil in full sun only when night temperatures stay above 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Provide tall cages or stakes at planting time. Water regularly. Pick when fruits are fully red and give slightly to the touch.


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