Turnip Seven Top - Cornucopia Seeds

Turnip Seven Top - Cornucopia Seeds

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Brassica Rapa

Seven Top is best for tasty, flavorful greens that can be cooked or used fresh in salads. Roots are inedible. Fast to produce, the vitamin-rich, dark green leaves are ready to harvest in 45 days.


Light Full sun
Row spacing 12 inches
Plant spacing 4 inches
Planting depth 1/4 inch
Days to germination 7-10
Plant height 8-12 inches

Gardener's Notes: Grows best in cool weather. Sow directly outdoors in early spring as soon as soil can be worked. Scatter 2-3 seeds per inch. Keep soil moist and thin as plants grow. Use fresh, young tender leaves and small thinnings in salads. Pick leaves regularly. Sow again in late summer or early fall for a second crop. In mild climates plant fall through early spring.

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