Claire Austin - David Austin Rose

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English Rose - bred by David Austin

Shrub Rose

Bears large, cupped, creamy white blooms with a strong fragrance of myrrh, meadowsweet and vanilla. Vigorous and particularly healthy with elegant arching growth.
  • Good for disease resistance
  • Repeat Flowering
  • Highly Fragrant
  • Highly Recommended by David Austin Roses
  • Suitable for zones 5 to 8

There is something a little special about white roses – they are all purity and light – and yet really good white roses are rare among English Roses and Hybrid Tea Roses alike. This is because white roses are very difficult to breed. ‘Claire Austin’ bears pleasingly cupped buds of a pale lemon shade which gradually open to form large, creamy white flowers of typical English Musk delicacy; their petals perfectly arranged in concentric circles, with a few more loosely arranged in the center. They have a strong fragrance based on myrrh with dashes of meadowsweet, vanilla and heliotrope. Strong and particularly healthy. Undoubtedly one of our finest white roses to date.

This vigorous, upright rose makes a very good climber in both beauty and performance. If grown against a warm wall, as we do here in the Lion Garden, it can easily reach a couple of extra feet in height.

Claire Austin is David Austin’s daughter. She has a nursery which specializes in hardy plants, including the UK's finest collection of irises, peonies and day lilies.


Rose Type English Rose
Growth Type Shrub Rose
Sub Type English Musk Hybrid
Colour Creamy white
Fragrance Strong Fragrance. Myrrh with dashes of meadowsweet, vanilla & heliotrope
Flowering Repeat Flowering
Disease Resistance Excellent
Height 4.5ft
Breeder David Austin
Year of Introduction 2007
Appellation Ausprior
Suitable for Zones Zones 5 - 8
Petal Count 120 petals
Patent 19465