Doris Day - Weeks Rose

Doris Day - Weeks Rose

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This lovely yellow rose beautifully personifies this joyful, charming and amazingly talented icon.
  • Old-fashioned & ruffled flowers.
  • Repeat blooming.
  • Fruity and sweet spice fragrance. 
  • Suitable for Zones 6 - 10

What makes this rose special is it originated from the same cross that produced the varieties Sparkle & Shine and Jump for Joy. These three rose sisters are different but they share the same super-floriferous attributes. Doris Day's blooms are full of sunshine and will sweeten up your garden with their fruity and sweet spice aroma.


Clusters of the bright, golden yellow blooms give a strong fruity fragrance. Deep green, disease resistant foliage covers the rounded bushes and provides the perfect backdrop for the cheery blooms. Doris Day is upright & bushy at about 3-4’ tall and features high-centered buds that open to large, full blooms with old-fashioned rose form.

Inspired by big screen and singing legend, 'America's Sweetheart' Doris Day.


 Rose Type Floribunda
 Growth Type Upright & bushy
 Color Pure gold yellow
 Fragrance Strength Very Strong Fragrance
 Flowering Repeat Flowering
 Disease Resistance Good
 Height 3 - 5ft
 Width 3 - 5ft
 Hybridizer Christian Bédard
 Year of Introduction 2015
 Introduced by Weeks Roses
 Suitable for zones Zones 6 - 10
 Petal Count 50 Petals
 Patent 26793

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