Columbine Biderdermeier Mix - Mr.Fothergill&

Columbine Biderdermeier Mix - Mr.Fothergill's

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  • Unusual double flowers in a wide range of colours
  • Hardy and robust plants with attractive foliage

Planting these seeds will lead to a nice contrast of pink, white, blue and purple blooms, which is sure to brighten up your garden. This bold flower prefers a partial sun/shade environment. Best planted outdoors between April and June, you can expect blooms in the late spring to mid summer. Trimming any dead stems after flowering will encourage the plants to remain in a compact clump.

Growing From Seed

Can be sown direct to warm soil, or for earlier flowering sow
indoors 8-12 weeks before last frost. Sow 6mm (¼”) deep,
13mm (½”) apart in trays or pots of seed starter mix. Keep warm
(20-24C/68-75F) until germination, which takes up to 28 days.
Will do well in average soils and tolerates dry soil conditions. Thin
to 5cm (2”) and then grow on in cooler conditions until ready to
transplant. Harden off and transplant after last spring frost.

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