Cucumber Marketmore Organic - Mr.Fothergill&

Cucumber Marketmore Organic - Mr.Fothergill's

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  • Ideal for container gardening.
  • Resistant to powdery and downy mildew.

Marketmore cucumbers produce dark green cucumbers that grow prolifically on vines and produce non-bitter fruits, right up until the colder months. They like well-drained rich soil and take about 55-68 days to mature. They prefer exposure to full sunlight and do not like being planted near potatoes or aromatic herbs.

Growing From Seed

Sow directly to the garden after final frost into warm soil. Sow
13mm (½”) deep, 10cm (4”) apart into well dug, well-drained
soil. For an earlier harvest start indoors 4-6 weeks before final
frost in pots, and harden off prior to transplanting after the final
frost. Avoid disturbing the roots while transplanting. Keep
sheltered from the wind where possible. Mulch around plants
to retain moisture and water regularly. Grow in rows or hills.

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