Lettuce Red/Green Salad Bowl - Mr. Fothergill&

Lettuce Red/Green Salad Bowl - Mr. Fothergill's

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  • Harvest throughout the summer. Slow to bolt.
  • Makes an attractive and tasty summer salad.

This mix of Lettuce can be very easy to grow as a baby leaf lettuce or as a loose leaf lettuce, depending on what the grower prefers. It has a good bolt resistance and likes to be planted in a rich, well drained soil. Planting takes place between March and August, with harvest times of April to October.

Growing From Seed

Can be sown directly to the garden or start indoors and
transplant after final frost. Sow 13mm (½”) deep, 2.5cm (1”)
apart in loose, well drained soil. Germination: 7-10 days.
Harden off plants prior to transplanting. Successive sowings
every 3-4 weeks will ensure a continuous supply of fresh baby
lettuce greens throughout the summer. May be necessary to
provide some shade during hot weather to reduce bolting.

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