Mallow Musk Pale Pink - Mr. Fothergill&

Mallow Musk Pale Pink - Mr. Fothergill's

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• Produces many smaller, lovely pale yellow blooms
• Easy to grow bushy plants for borders and cutting

An exotic looking bloom, composed of a light pale pink which contrasts with dark pink veins that run along the petals. A hardy perennial that prefers to be grown outdoors in a full sun environment and likes a finely prepared soil which has been watered. This flower is great for producing pollen and suitable for attracting bees and butterflies. You can expect flowering between the beginning and end of summer. This bloom can be sown in the end of summer-beginning of autumn or the beginning to end of spring.

Growing From Seed

Sow 1 week after final spring frost, 13mm (½”) deep, 10cm
(4”) apart, in well cultivated soil. Keep soil moist. Germination
takes 7-21 days. Thin to final plant spacing when seedlings
are well established. Can be started indoors up to 2 weeks
before final frost. If started indoors, sow 2 seeds per pot and
thin to strongest

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