Nasturtium Trailing African - Mr.Fothergill&

Nasturtium Trailing African - Mr.Fothergill's

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  •  Trailing or climbing plants, easy even in poor soil.
  • Variegated foliage, beautiful in mixed containers.

A delightful mix of bright colourful blooms, perfect for any summer garden. These can be easily grown in hanging baskets, containers or simply grown in the garden. It prefers a full sun environment and is great for attracting bees and butterflies. Typically planted outside between the months of April and June, you can expect the blooms to form in the early summer to early autumn.

Grow From Seed

Sow seed 15mm (½”) deep in warm, well-prepared soil, 5cm
(2”) apart, 1 week after the final spring frost. Keep warm and
moist. Thin to final plant spacing once seedlings become
established. For earlier blooms, start indoors 1 week
before the final spring frost. Harden off and transplant to
the garden 2 weeks after the final frost. Nasturtiums can even
tolerate poorer soils. Water well and pick faded blooms.

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