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Pea Rondo Organic - Mr. Fothergill's

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  • Vigorous bushy plants produce exceptional yields.
  • Shows resistance to diseases such as Fusarium wilt.

Planting these peas will lead to a very high yield of large, double podded, quality peas. It is often recognized as a fantastic culinary pea. Using sticks or twigs as support can help improve the crop and make picking easier. Planted in the early spring to early summer, harvests take place between June and October. 

Growing From Seed

Sow directly to the garden as soon as the ground can be
worked, 2.5 cm (1”) deep and 5 cm (2”) apart. Germination
in 7 -10 days. Water regularly. Harvest peas just before
needed to ensure the very best flavour. Pick regularly.
Mulch to maintain moisture and keep weeds down.
Ideal for successive planting to ensure a continuous crop
throughout the season.

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