Garlic - Russian Red, 3

Garlic - Russian Red, 3 Pack (Spring)

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To add some interest to your vegetable displays, introduce Russian red garlic! Plant garlic in your garden 3 inches deep and 5 inches apart for 24" tall blooms. The best time to plant garlic bulbs is between March and April, and between September and November. These 3 pack, jumbo sized white and purple cloves will be ready to harvest early-mid summer!

When To Grow Garlic: Plant in mid-September to October, at least 4 weeks before ground freezing. Many varieties can also be planted in early Spring.

How To Plant Garlic: Break bulbs into individual cloves. Make sure cloves are hard and solid. Plant larger cloves as they will produce larger bulbs - you can use the smaller cloves for dinner! Plant root plate end down, 3 inches deep, in well-drained soil. Add organic matter/ manure or mulch on top. Raised beds are recommended, as soil should be well draining. Spacing of at least 5 inches on 1-foot rows will provide adequate sunshine, any extra spacing will allow bulbs to grow larger. Keep soil moist.

Growing/Harvesting Garlic: Harvest the flowers 10-14 days after they appear. This allows the plant to put its energy into the bulb in the ground, not into making seeds. Harvest the bulb once it has matured, and the leaves brown off . Dig from ground, and immediately brush off the soil from around the roots, very gently!

Curing & Storing Garlic: Drying is an essential part of curing the bulbs, so do not wash them in water. Remove from direct sunlight, and leave under cover in a breezy area. With stalks/leaves attached, tie in bundles, or spread on screens/drying racks. Two weeks drying time is ideal. To store, hang in netted sacks/bags. Store in a cool, dry and well ventilated area with a stable temperature of 15°C.

     Bulb Size

    No 1

    Bulbs Per Pack


     Bloom Size

    24" H

     Sun Requirements

    Part Sun



     Deer Resistant



    Mar - Apr / Sept - Nov



     Plant depth


     Space apart


    Zone 2

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