Medium Wire Vine Hanging Basket
Medium Wire Vine Hanging Basket

Medium Wire Vine Hanging Basket

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Wire Vine

Muehlenbeckia complexa

Origin: New Zealand

Commonly known as “Wire Vine” because of the plants dense mass of wiry stems adorned with tiny round, glossy leaves. This plant is quite versatile and can be grown outdoors in a planter for the summer or year-round indoors or in the garden in frost-free climates. It’s one of the best plants for training to a small trellis or topiary! Perfect for all kinds of containers and looks great spilling out of the sides of a pot of mixed arrangments. Keep soil slightly moist, but do not overwater. You can prune this vine back to help keep its shape, or just let it run wild! Your wire vine will thrive in bright light or partial shade.

Please note - Plants are subject to nature and may differ from their photos. We try our best to match our product to the photos on our listings. Thank you. 

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Lighting Bright light
 Water Water thoroughly and let soil dry slightly. Do not overwater. 
 Humidity  Average
 Fertilize Monthly when plants are actively growing (Warmer Months)
 Skill Level Beginner
 Other Benefits Easy Care, Air Purifying 

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