Bean Bush Gold Rush - McKenzie Seeds

Bean Bush Gold Rush - McKenzie Seeds

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Gold Rush Bush Bean

Phaseolus vulgaris

  • 6-14 days to germination.
  • 50-55 days to maturity.
  • Grows height 40-45cm.
  • Tender & buttery.

Improved Golden Wax is one of the most popular wax beans! Features very high yields on compact, bushy plants. This variety produces string-free, 15-18 cm (6-7") long beans with a mild buttery flavour. For a sensational treat, top this rust-resistant variety with butter or margarine if preferred.

Sow seeds when the soil is warm and all danger of frost is past. Pick early and often to encourage production. Sow every 2 weeks until 8 weeks before fall frost.

Planting Depth: 2.5 cm (1")

Seed Spacing: 10 cm (4")

Plantling Spacing: 15 cm (6")

Row Spacing: 60 cm (24")

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