Organic Cucumber Marketmore - McKenzie Seeds

Organic Cucumber Marketmore - McKenzie Seeds

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 Cucumis sativus

  • Crisp and sweet
  • A standard slicing cucumber for fresh eating.
  • Open-pollinated
  • Disease resistant
  • Certified organic

Marketmore is a high-yielding, open-pollinated cucumber. Harvest cucumbers regularly, to keep the vines producing. Disease Resistance: High resistance to scab; and intermediate resistance to cucumber mosaic virus, downy mildew, and powdery mildew.

Sow seed directly in soil once all danger of frost has passed. The soil must be fertile and rich in compost. Maybe started indoors before the last frost. Roots should be disturbed as little as possible while transplanting.

Planting Depth: 1.3 cm (1/2")
Seed Spacing: 10 cm (4")
Plantling Spacing: 30 cm (12")
Row Spacing: 120 cm (48")

Product Weight: 750 milligrams / approximately 20-25 seeds

Suggestions: Plant at 3-week intervals up to midsummer for fresh cucumbers all season. Keep fruits picked.

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