Lettuce Iceberg - McKenzie Seeds
Lettuce Iceberg - McKenzie Seeds

Lettuce Iceberg - McKenzie Seeds

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Lactuca sativa

Iceberg is a very popular variety of lettuce. The fringed green leaves give way to tender almost white hearts. The medium-sized leaves have a delicate mild flavor that is quite a tasty treat. This cool weather crop is perfect for all gardens.

Approx. 850-900 seeds

Plant in moist, well drained soil, as soon as ground can be worked and danger of frost has passed. For an earlier crop, start indoors 4-5 weeks before the last frost.

Planting Depth: 1.3 cm (1/2")

Planting Spacing: 20 cm (8")

Row Spacing: 45 cm (18")

To prevent the leaves from bruising, tear them rather than cutting with a knife.

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