Organic Onion Evergreen Bunch - McKenzie Seeds

Organic Onion Evergreen Bunch - McKenzie Seeds

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 Allium Cepa

  • Organic.
  • Deliciously flavoured.
  • 12- 14 days to germination.
  • 60-75 days to maturity.
  • Open-pollinated.
  • Vegetable

Evergreen Bunching Onions produce slender, delicately flavoured stems and juicy green tops. Enjoy fresh salads, soups, salsa, pesto, and much more.

Product Weight: 350 milligrams / approximately 100-110 seeds.

Seeds can be started indoors 8-10 weeks early and transplanted outside in early spring. Otherwise, direct seed as soon as the soil can be worked in spring.

Planting Depth: 1.3 cm (1/2")

Plantling Spacing: 5 cm (2")

Row Spacing: 30 cm (12")

Suggestions: Use thinning and green stems like chives. Grow leeks, too, for their mild flavour.

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