Organic Watermelon Sugar Baby - McKenzie Seeds

Organic Watermelon Sugar Baby - McKenzie Seeds

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 Citrullus lanatus

  • Sweet and juicy fresh.
  • Heirloom.
  • Organic.
  • Fruit.
  • 75-80 Days to Maturity.
  • 5-7 days germination.

Sugar Baby is the most popular ‘Icebox’ type of watermelon. Fruits mature to be 18-20 cm (7-8") in diameter and weigh 3.5-4.5 kg (8-10 lbs.) each. It is the perfect size for a family treat. The very sweet, crisp, red flesh is a delight. These smaller watermelons are perfect for smaller gardens.

Product Weight: 2.5 grams / approximately 20-25 seeds.

Start seeds indoors 4 weeks before transplanting outdoors. Take care not to disturb roots when transplanting. Or, sow a few seeds over a hill 9 to 12 inches tall and 2 feet across. When the plants are 3 inches tall, thin by cutting to 3 plants per hill. Use a balanced fertilizer to increase yield.

Planting Depth: 2.5 cm (1")

Seed Spacing: 5 to 6 per hill or 5 cm (2")

Plantling Spacing: 3 per hill

Row Spacing: 1.5-1.8 m (5-6')

Harvesting & Storage

Watermelons that are allowed to ripen on the vine have the best flavour so if possible protect plants from light frosts.

Check under the melon – if it has a yellow or light-coloured bottom, it should be ripe. If its stripes are found all around the melon it’s just not ready yet.

If you have a good ear, tap on the watermelon: if it sounds hollow, it’s ripe. Not hollow, unripe.

Suggestions: Choose a site with good drainage, good air circulation, and full sun. They're ready to harvest when the skin on the underside turns yellow and when a thump with knuckles produces a hollow sound.

Companion Planting: Corn, radish

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