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  •  Fantastic, compact variety with tight heads.
  • A succulent and crunchy semi-cos variety.

One of the best lettuces you can surely grow, few can match the flavour and texture of this highly praised classic. It does not like dry soils and will not grow well in them, exposure to full sunlight is its preferred habitat. They are typically planted in between the months of March and July. Harvesting takes place between late spring and early autumn.

Growing From Seed

Can be sown directly to the garden or started indoors and
transplanted after the final spring frost. Sow 13 mm (½”) deep,
2.5 cm (1”) apart in loose, well-drained soil. Will germinate
in 7-10 days. Harden off prior to transplanting. Water
regularly. Mulch to retain moisture. It may be necessary to
provide some shade during hot weather to reduce the chance
of bolting.

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