Microgreen Beet Bulls Blood - Mr. Fothergill&

Microgreen Beet Bulls Blood - Mr. Fothergill's

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  • Tender leaves with the well-known beet flavour.
  • An attractive addition to any salad.

With dark red roots that match their leaves, this particular beet produces baby greens within 30-40 days. The leaves are great in salads but if they aren't harvested the plant will produce round, delicious, red beetroots. When planted outside between March and July you can expect them to be ready anytime between early summer and early autumn.

Growing From Seed

Sow indoors, all year round, in small trays of compost. Place
on a windowsill and keep warm. Do not allow seeds to dry
out. Harvest when 5cm (2”) tall or when first true leaves

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