Microgreens Alfalfa - Mr.Fothergill&

Microgreens Alfalfa - Mr.Fothergill's Seeds

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  • Quick and easy to grow, nutritious ‘super food.
  • Grow year round as sprouts or as ‘micro-greens’
  • Nutty & mild flavour with a crunch

Alfalfa seeds produce a mild Alfalfa sprout. Alfalfa is the only plant that offers a wide range of vitamins, such as A, B, C, E and even K! In addition to offering a full range of vitamins, Alfalfa is also very full of minerals as well. It is an easy to grow plant and is great for even beginner sprout growers.

Growing From Seed

For Sprouts use either a jar which can be covered with
muslin or a clean cloth, or use a seed sprouter. Place seeds
in jar and cover with a cloth or place seed in a sprouter.
Thoroughly rinse the seeds with tepid water at least twice a
day and drain.
Harvest when approx. 0.5-2.5cm (¼ -1”) long.

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