Nasturtium Gleaming Hybrids - Mr. Fothergill&

Nasturtium Gleaming Hybrids - Mr. Fothergill's Seeds

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Tropaeolum majus

  • Annual
  • Superb, easy to grow, semi-trailing container mix
  • Fragrant double and semi double flowers
  • Perfect for hanging baskets, patio pots or window boxes

Semi Trailing - Brighten up your pots and borders with this superb mix. Easy to grow, with mainly double and semi-double colourful blooms.

Approx. 25 seeds

Sow 15mm (1/2") deep in well prepared soil, at around the final spring frost date. Keep warm and moist. Thin to final plant spacing once seedlings become established. 

For earlier blooms, start indoors 1 week before final spring frost. Harden off and transplant to the garden 2 weeks after final frost. Will tolerate poorer soils. Water well and remove faded blooms.

Nasturtium leaves and petals are edible and will add a spicy flavor and appealing colour to any salad! 

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