Summer Savory - Mr. Fothergill&

Summer Savory - Mr. Fothergill's Seed

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Satureja hortensis

  • Vitamin A and C
  • A mild, aromatic, peppery kick
  • Perfect in soups and stews
  • Grow near broad beans to help repel black fly
  • Container Comparable
  • Great in Hanging Baskets
  • Great for Pollinators 

This under-used herb has a thyme-like flavor and is easier to grow than thyme – more tolerant of heavier soils. Superb with broad beans.

Annual herbs are easy to grow, quick to establish and provide large crops. Our selection can be grown outside, either in the border or in containers, in a warm, sunny and sheltered position. Also suitable for growing on the kitchen windowsill, indoors.
Plant Class: Hardy Annual (HA).

Seed Count: Approx. 500

Outdoors: sow thinly March-May, where they are to crop, 0.5cm (¼") deep, directly into into finely-prepared, warm, well-drained soil, which has already been watered. Seedlings usually appear in 14-21 days. Thin seedlings to 30cm (1') apart. Water well until plants are established. Harvest: May-October. Pick a few leaves, as required, from each plant so that they regrow quickly.


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