Arugula - McKenzie Seeds

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  • Peppery, slightly spicy pungent flavor
  • Vegetable
  • 4 to 7 days to germinate
  • 43 days to maturity 
  • Companion Planting: Plant along side your favorite herbs.
  • Great in salads or sauteed

Arugula is a tasty salad green perfect for the home garden. Even just a few of its leaves adds a wonderfully unique peppery-sweet flavor to any type of salad. It also does not require any special growing attention and can last all summer long.

Can be added fresh to salads. Or sautee quickly on the stove like a green with some olive oil and garlic.

Instructions: Sow seeds as soon as the ground can be worked. Plant 1 seed every 3 inches. When plants are well established, thin. As plants begin to mature, pick outer leaves for regular use until entire plants are harvested.

1 gram / approximately 550-560 seeds