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Starry Night Sweet Peas

  • Lathyrus odoratus
  • Annual
  • Violet-blue, midnight, crimson and cream blooms
  • Full Sun
  • 10 to 14 days to germination 
  • July to Frost bloom season

Starry Night Sweet Peas grow a dark and mysterious mixture of the richest antique colors available. Scarlet, Navy Blue, Crimson, Maroon, Mauve, and Cream blooms make this an ideal variety for a cool backdrop, or cover for walls, fences, and containers. In addition to mysterious backdrops, this blend is also mystically fragrant.

5 grams / approximately 50-55 seeds

Planting Instructions: 

  • Sow outdoors as soon as the ground can be worked.
  • Soak seed for 24 hours prior to planting.
  • Plants do best in rich, well drained soil in full sun.
  • Sow seeds 13 mm (1/2″) deep and 5 cm (2″) apart. Space plants 10 cm (4”) apart and rows spaced 10 cm (4”) apart.
  • Seeds germinate in 10-14 days.

Water regularly -sweet peas do best when they have cool, moist roots. 

    Pick sweet peas for a beautiful bouquet when the buds at the tip of the flower clusters are not yet open.

    Sweet peas are heavy feeders and benefit from regular fertilizing throughout the season

    Picking for bouquets, removing faded blooms and seedpods will have plants continually producing beautiful flowers all season long.