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Kale Dwarf Green Curled - McKenzie Seeds

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Kale Dwarf Green Curled 

  • Brassica oleracea
  • Heirloom
  • Sharp Flavor
  • Great in Salads or lightly sauteed in Olive oil
  • 10 to 14 days to germination 
  • 60 to 75 days to maturity 

Green Curled Kale features decorative green curled leaves. The tasty leaves may be boiled as greens or chopped fresh for salads when young. Kale is superior to most vegetables in protein, vitamin and mineral content. It's also a cool weather crop that is slow to bolt.

Instructions: Sow in outdoor rows as soon as the ground can be worked. Place one seed every 4 inches and cover with soil. When plants are about 3 inches tall, thin to 12 inches apart. Harvest side leaves as needed at 6 to 8 inches in length.

Suggestions: Did you know that kale is the oldest form of cabbage, and is tastiest after a light frost?

1.75 grams

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