Wildflower Perennial Garden Mix Bag - McKenzie Seeds

Wildflower Perennial Garden Mix Bag - McKenzie Seeds

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  • Great for long term results
  • Blooms year after year
  • Contains Hardy Perennials
  • Ground Cover Mixture

A natural solution for gardeners seeking long term results! Contains hardy perennial wildflowers that will provide a rainbow of colour year after year.


1. Shake Bag well before using.
2. Sow seed in a sunny or partially shaded location in early spring (after the danger of frost has passed0 or early summer.
3. Clear the area to be planted. Loosen soil to a depth of 5cm (2”) with a rake or hoe. Smooth soil surface by raking.
4. Evenly scatter the seed mixture over the prepared area. The organic vermiculite contained in the seed mixture aids in proper seed distribution. Lightly rake again to create a good seed/soil contact. Keep seed bed moist. 
5. Lightly water immediately after sowing, using a fine spray. Avoid puddling
6. Keep seed bed moist until seedlings are well established
7. Continue to water periodically as needed. 

Maintenance: Each fall, remove dead seeds stalks and excessive plant material to a height of 10-13vm (4-5”) to allow reseeding of any viable seeds. 

Net Wt Seeds: 24.810g (.85 oz)
Net Wt Vermiculite: 174.35g (6.15 oz)

Contents:  Achillea filipendulina, Achillea millefolium, aquilegia vulgaris, calendula official is, centaurea Cygnus, chairman thus allionii, chrysanthemum Shasta, coreopsis lanceolata, coreopsis tinctoria, dianthus barbarous, digitalis pursuers, echinacea purpurea, eschscholzia California, gaillardia aristata, gaillardia pulchella, gypsophila elegant, liatris spicata, Linum perenne, linum grandiflorum rubrum, lotus corniculatus, luminous perenne, oenothera lamarkiana, papaver rhoeas, ratibida columnaris, rudbeckia amplexicaulis, rudbeckia Horta, saponaria ocymoides. 

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