Zucchini Dark Green - McKenzie Seeds

Zucchini Dark Green - McKenzie Seeds

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Dark Green Zucchini

  • Cucurbita pepo
  • Heirloom
  • 5 to 12 days to germination 
  • 52 days to maturity 
  • The peel is crunch with a soft, spongy flesh
  • Companion Planting: beans, corn, peas, marigolds, nasturtiums, radish

Dark Green Zucchini is a most popular and versatile squash. This cylindrical fruit 15–18 cm (6-7?) in length is very easy to grow. The creamy white flesh is firm, flavorful, and terrific for baking nutritious cakes, breads, or muffins. Also great raw and sautéed. Even the flowers are edible!

3.5 grams / approximately 18-22 seeds

Planting Instructions: Sow directly into the garden once the danger of frost has passed or for an earlier crop, start indoors 3-4 weeks before the last frost using 3-4” Jiffy peat pots and make sure to weather/harden off the plants before setting them in the ground.

Best when planted in a rich, moist, well-drained soil in full sun. Transplants should only go into the garden once soil is completely warmed.

Sow seeds 2.5 cm (1″) deep and sow 5-6 seeds per hill or 5 cm (2″) apart. Plants should be spaced/thinned to 2 or 3 of the strongest plants per hill or 15 cm (6″) apart. Rows should be spaced 1.5-1.8 m (5-6′) apart. Seeds germinate in approximately 5-12 days.

Keep soil adequately moist throughout the season and give plants a nice deep watering once a week.

Water around the base of the plant and be careful to avoid splashing dirt onto the leaves which can transfer diseases from the soil to the plants.

Harvesting and Storage For best quality and flavor, zucchinis should be harvested when young. Most varieties are best picked when fruits are approximately 10-20 cm (4-8”) long.

Regular harvesting will increase the yield.

Zucchinis that get overly large are perfectly suited for muffins and breads.

Like other summer squashes, zucchinis do not keep for a long time. Refrigerate and use within a week.

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