Godetia Azalea Flowered - Ontario Seed Company

Godetia Azalea Flowered - Ontario Seed Company

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Godetia Azalea Flowered

Godetia whitneyi

These bushy plants are loaded with satiny double flowers in a full-colour range. Ideal for beds, borders and cut flowers.

Sow - Direct Outdoors, late-May Bloom - Summer
Location - Full Sun Mature Height - 30-60cm/12-24in
Emergence - 7 to 14 days Lifecycle - Annual
Difficulty - Easy Approx. 400 seeds per packet

Growing Instructions:

Direct garden sow late-May and at two-week intervals for continuous bloom. Cover seed with 1/4cm (1/8in) of light soil. Germinates in 7-14 days. Keep plants somewhat crowded and do not overfeed. Pick faded flowers to encourage continued blooming. 

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