Marigold Crackerjack Mixed - Ontario Seed Company

Marigold Crackerjack Mixed - Ontario Seed Company

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Tagetes erecta

One of the first large flowered African types to bloom. Huge 10-12cm (4-5") 'cannonball-shaped' flowers in brilliant shades of yellow and orange. Plants growing from 60-90cm (2-3') tall proudly present their blooms right in front of your eyes.

Approx. 35 Seeds/pkt

How to Grow

These incredibly easy to grow annuals can be directly seeded in the garden in mid to late May. Sow 6mm (1/4") deep, watering as necessary until germination occurs in roughly 7 days. Thin or transplant the seedlings when they are 5-8cm (2-3") tall. For earlier blooms start seed indoors in a soil-less mix 6 weeks before planting out time. American and African types produce big, double blooms up to 15cm (6") across on tall, sturdy stemmed plants. French types are refined, compact plants with numerous, smaller blossoms. Marigolds are superb for edging, mass plantings and window boxes. The unusual scent of marigolds seem to repel insects and are often planted in vegetable gardens for this reason.

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