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Milkweed Common - Ontario Seed Company

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Asclepias syriaca

Milkweed flowers are attractive, fragrant and extremely popular nectar and pollen sources for pollinators. The Milkweed host-plants are the only food eaten by Monarch caterpillars, and Monarch butterflies only lay their eggs on plants in the Milkweed family. Mature seeds from the plant are distributed by the wind.

Sow - Direct Outdoors, late-Fall/Spring Bloom - High Summer
Location - Full Sun Mature Height - 60-90cm/24-36in
Emergence - 10 to 18 days Lifecycle - Perennial
Difficulty - Easy Approx. 40 seeds per packet

Direct sow late fall or spring after danger of frost has passed. Choose a sunny site and cover the seed lightly with water. Seed can be started early indoors in February, by using a soil-less medium and placing the container in the refrigerator for 3 months. Bring the container out and keep it at 20°C (70°F) for the 10-18 day germination period. Keep under lights at a cooler temperature then harden off and transplant outdoors after the danger of frost has passed. This native plant of Canada is winter hardy, sturdy, and essential for the survival of Monarch butterflies. 

Caution: Sap is poisonous if ingested by humans or livestock. 

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