Statice Art Shades - Ontario Seed Company

Statice Art Shades - Ontario Seed Company

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Limonium sinuatum

Long graceful sprays of paper-like fowers are just as pretty in the garden as in bouquets. A full range of colours on 75 cm (30) tall plants. As stotice does not transplant well, it is best directly sown into the cut-fower garden. A favourite of southern Ontario farmer's market flower vendors.

How to Grow

In our opinion, seed is best sown directly in the garden in mid-May. However for an early start, it can be started indoors in a soil-less mix 8 weeks early. Sow seed uncovered on the surface of the growing medium use Jiffy 7is plantable fibre pots as statice does not transplant well. Moisten by misting or bottom watering and keep at 24 C (75 F) for the 20-25 day germination period. Grow-on at 15 C (60 F) until hardening off and transplanting out after the danger of frost has passed spacing plants 45 cm (18") apart in a full sun location. Plants are very tolerant of heat and drought.


Approx. 80 seeds/pkt.

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