Sunflower Joker - Ontario Seed Company

Sunflower Joker - Ontario Seed Company

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Helianthus annuus

Double and semi-double blooms in a mixture of reds, lemon, and red bi-colours. Branching plants produce multiple blooms. Pollen free. 

Sow - Indoors, April OR Direct Outdoors, May  Bloom - Summer
Location - Full Sun Mature Height - 2m/6.5ft
Emergence - 7 to 10 days Lifecycle - Annual
Difficulty - Easy Approx. 15 seeds per packet

Start seeds outdoors mid-May in a sunny site with good drainage. Sow seeds 6-12mm (1/4-1/2in) deep and 8-10cm (3-4in) apart. Thin or transplant to 30-45cm (12-18in) apart after germination. Seeds can also be started indoors 2-3 weeks earlier using plant-able peat pots at 21°C (70°F). Keep plants evenly watered and fertilize twice during the season.

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