Pretty Lady - Weeks Rose

Pretty Lady - Weeks Rose

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Hybrid Tea

"Don't call me m'lady, call me Rose."

  • Sweet scented peony and spices fragrance
  • Suitable for zones 6 - 10
  • In the collection of roses inspired by the Downton Abbey series
  • Disease resistant 


  Lady Rose's namesake shares many attributes with the character such as elegance and strength. The era in which this British show takes place is well represented by the LARGE old-fashioned and English style multi-petaled aristocratic-like deep pink flowers of this pretty rose. The very long lasting flower coloration is enhanced by the sweet scented peony-like and spices fragrance similar to the perfume a noble woman of the period might have worn. 


  Like an upper class damsel, the plant is well dressed with an evening gown of healthy bright glossy medium green foliage. With her compact habit, this selection brings elegance to smaller spaces of the garden and also looks great in pots. Pretty Lady Rose holds her flowers at the perfect height to be admired and to allow you to enjoy their aroma.


  Inspired by Lady Rose, niece and goddaughter of the Dowager Countess Violet, Pretty Lady Rose is the second in a collection of garden roses named after characters of the popular Downton Abbey series.


 Rose Type

Hybrid Tea

 Growth Habit

Upright & bushy


Dark even pink

 Fragrance Strength



Old-fashioned & ruffled

 Flower Size


 Disease Resistance

Very good


2 - 3 ft


2 - 3 ft


Christian Bédard

 Year of Introduction


 Introduced by

Weeks Roses

 Suitable for zones

Zones 6 - 10

 Petal Count

45 to 65


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