Organic Greek Oregano White - Renee&
Organic Greek Oregano White - Renee&
Organic Greek Oregano White - Renee&

Organic Greek Oregano White - Renee's Garden Seeds

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Heirloom Oregano

White Flowered Greek Organic

(Origanum heracleoticum)
Hardy heirloom plants grow easily into mounds of pungent little blue-green leaves that enhance flavors in many dishes; the "pizza herb" so essential for all Mediterranean cooking.
Seed Count: Approx. 2025 / Weight: 0.175 gms

Plant In


Planting Depth

Space Seeds

Days To Germinate

Mature Height

Mar. – June

Full sun

Do Not Cover

Very Thinly

10 – 21 days

1 – 1 1/2 feet


In early spring, sow seeds thinly in a container of moistened seed starting mix, but do not cover over; oregano needs light to germinate. Provide a good light source. Keep evenly moist as seedlings slowly emerge over 10 to 21 days.


When warm spring weather arrives, sow in full sun in a well-worked, finely textured seedbed with good drainage. Sow thinly, then water very gently for good soil contact, but do not cover seeds. Tend carefully: keep soil evenly moist but not soggy and well weeded.


Mix tiny seeds with dry sand to help space seedlings. Young plants grow slowly at first; a good hot spell encourages strong growth. Pick leaves lightly the first season; wait until the second summer to make bigger harvests, then cut leafy sprays often to enjoy in the kitchen. Given good drainage, this carefree Mediterranean native is hardy and long-lived.

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