Dutch Beets Baby Ball - Renee&
Dutch Beets Baby Ball - Renee&

Beet Dutch Baby Ball - Renee's Garden Seeds

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Beta vulgaris

We import seed for these true mini beets directly from Holland where baby beets are a kitchen staple. Perfectly rounded Baby Balls size up quickly to produce sweet, tender, petite sized beets to harvest early, at just 1 to 11⁄ 2 inches in diameter. Vitamin rich and delicious, the little globes cook up fast and are just the right size for whole pickled beets. Plant again for a fall crop of smooth skinned and uniform pretty babies to steam or bake to perfection.
Light Full sun
Row Spacing  8 in
Plant Spacing  3-4 in
Planting depth 1/2 in
Days to Germination 5-10 days
Approx. days to harvest

Seed Count: Approx. 650 / Weight: 5 g

Start Seeds Outdoors In early spring when danger of hard frost is over, sow seeds in well-worked, fertile soil in full sun. Sow seeds 1 in. apart and 1/2 in. deep in rows 8 in. apart, or broadcast thinly for bed planting. Firm soil well over these irregularly shaped seeds to ensure good germination. If first sowing germinates unevenly, plant more seeds in the rows as seedlings will catch up fast. Carefully thin when seedlings are large enough to handle to 3-4 in. apart so roots have room to grow and mature.

For tender, best quality beets, sow seeds before midsummer heat and again in early fall at least 10 weeks before fall frosts. Keep soil evenly moist  throughout the growing season. Be sure to thin beet seedlings carefully several times as they grow best when given enough room.

Harvest and Use: Harvest baby beets at 1-1.5 in. in diameter, or let some mature into full-sized beets. Briefly steam the tender-sweet tops for tasty greens. Freshly picked baby beets will cook very quickly; just steam, then peel and serve them with a little sweet butter and a sprinkle of chopped parsley or fresh dill leaf. Or try your own pickled baby beets!

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