Lettuce Quick Stirfry Blend - Renee&
Lettuce Quick Stirfry Blend - Renee&
Lettuce Quick Stirfry Blend - Renee&

Lettuce Quick Stirfry Blend - Renee's Garden Seeds

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Lactuca sativa var.

Certified Organic. Our fast-growing leafy blend to give you all the colors, flavors & shapes needed for perfectly balanced quick and easy stir-fries. Includes: mizuna, mispoona, mild mustards and Russian kale. 


Equal parts: Mizspoona Mustard/Mizuna, Wild Garden Kales, Magma and Great Wave Mild Mustards

Seed Count: Approx. 1302 / Weight: 3 g

Plant In


Planting Depth

Space Seeds

Days to Germinate

Transplant to 1st Harvest

February - Sept.

Full Sun

1/4 in.

1/2 in.

7 - 10 days

Approx. 45 days

Best To Start Directly Outdoors

In cool early spring weather, sow seeds in finely worked soil in full sun. Shake seeds from the palm of your hand, broadcasting them about 1/2 in. apart over the entire seedbed or in wide rows, and cover lightly and evenly with 1/4 in. of fine soil. Firm soil gently and water with a fine spray. Keep seedbed evenly moist. Make small successive sowings until summer weather turns really hot for a constant supply. Plant again in late summer for fall harvesting.

Growing Notes 

Our crunchy Stir-fry mix tastes best given consistent moisture and mild weather conditions. Marauding birds are often attracted to tender young seedlings, so protect them if necessary with netting or floating row covers. Sown in big containers, these mixed leafy greens will make an ornamental and edible "color bowl" to snip and stir-fry as needed.

Harvest and Use

To harvest by the "cut and come again" method, wait until plants are 6 to 7 in. tall. Cut as much as you need, using scissors to sheer off a patch of leaves 1 to 2 inches above the soil level. Water and fertilize lightly and plants will regrow for several more cuttings. Sizzle these crunchy, succulent Asian greens in a quick stir-fry, or pick them earlier at 3 to 4 inches for tender young additions to colorful salads. 

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