Pea Oregon Giant Snow - Renee&
Pea Oregon Giant Snow - Renee&
Pea Oregon Giant Snow - Renee&

Pea Oregon Giant Snow - Renee's Garden

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Pisum sativum var. saccharatum

Oregon Giant bears huge yields of sweet, exceptionally large, 5 inch crispy flat pods on sturdy short vines. These are the finest tasting, most vigorous snow peas you’ll find, bred at Oregon State University especially for fresh harvesting with sweet flavor and extra crunchy texture. Use them for colorful tasty stir fries or eat the juicy pods raw. An especially rewarding crop to plant and enjoy with children who will happily snack on them all day!

(Resistant to powdery mildew, enation mosaic and common wilt)
Seed Count: Approx. 90-95 / Weight: 20 g
 Plant In Sun/Shade Planting Depth Space Seeds Days to Germinate Days to Harvest
Mar.-May July-Aug. Full sun 1 in. 2 - 3 in. 7 - 10 days Approx. 60


In early spring, as soon as soon as the soil can be worked, plant peas in full sun in well-worked, fertile soil. Sow seeds 1 in. deep and 2 to 3 in. apart. Sow seeds in wide rows or bands 3 in. across, spacing the wide rows 2 ft. apart . Provide supports for these 2.5-3 ft. vines at planting time. Protect from marauding birds with netting or floating row covers if necessary. If first sowing doesn't germinate evenly, replant right away as new seedlings catch up quickly. Sow again for a fall crop about 2.5 months before the first expected fall frost.


Use netting or wire trellis or short tree branches stuck into the ground to support these heavy-bearing vines for easy picking. Turn a sprinkling of bone meal and wood ashes into the soil before planting. Keep pea vines well weeded and watered and mulch to conserve moisture.


Pick frequently when pods are fully formed but still flat with tiny immature peas. Snow peas are delicious in stir-fries with ginger, soy sauce and garlic. Cook very quickly, just until pods turn a deeper green colour. Or simply enjoy the juicy pods fresh off the vines.

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