Rutabagas Imrpoved Helenor - Renee&
Rutabagas Imrpoved Helenor - Renee&
Rutabagas Imrpoved Helenor - Renee&
Rutabagas Imrpoved Helenor - Renee&
Rutabagas Imrpoved Helenor - Renee&

Rutabaga Improved Helenor - Renee's Garden

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Brassica napus

Classic Rutabagas

This easy to grow Dutch rutabaga (a.k.a. swede) has a fine texture and warm, rich flavors like apples crossed with turnips. High yielding Helenor roots develop good color early, with creamy exteriors splashed with violet and yellow interior flesh. This mainstay root vegetable is ready to harvest and enjoy from tennis to softball size to use as needed from the garden. You’ll love them tossed in olive oil, then roasted or sautéed to bring out their natural sweetness.

Seed Count: Approx: 120 / Weight: 0.25 g
 Cold Winters Mild Winters Sun/Shade Sow Seeds Days to Germinate Days to Harvest
Aug.-Sept. Mar.-Apr.
Full sun 2 in. apart 1/2 in. deep 10 - 14 days
85 - 90 days


Mild Winter Areas: In midsummer, sow seeds in well-drained garden soil in full sun. Sow 2 in. apart and 1/2 in. deep in rows 12 in. apart. When several inches tall, thin seedlings to stand 6 in. apart, so roots have room to size up. If spring sowing is your only option, sow seed as soon as soil can be worked, and harvest as soon as roots size up to avoid them becoming fibrous.

Cold Winter Areas: Plant as above in early to midsummer, about 12 weeks before first fall frost, so roots will finish in cooler autumn weather. Flavor gets sweeter after a few frosts; mulch to protect roots from freezing.


Rutabaga reach top quality and flavour maturing in cool weather, so are best planted midsummer for a fall crop. For best quality roots, keep plants consistently moist and well weeded. Use floating row covers or fine insect netting to keep out pests while seedlings are young.


Harvest as needed when roots reach tennis ball size; pull or dig out roots carefully. Rutabagas are delicious peeled, then cut in chunks, tossed with olive oil & roasted until tender by themselves or with other root vegetables. Or slice them up to sauté gently in butter, or steam and mash.

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