Squash Sunny Supersett - Renee&
Squash Sunny Supersett - Renee&
Squash Sunny Supersett - Renee&
Squash Sunny Supersett - Renee&

Squash Sunny Supersett - Renee's Garden

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Cucurbita moschata

Crookneck Squash

EXCLUSIVE - Butter-yellow Supersett have that fine-textured flesh and sweet nutty flavor possessed only by tender crookneck squash. This glossy, thin-skinned hybrid reliably out-yields older varieties, bearing an abundance of smooth, bright yellow squash with delicate, creamy flesh. The open bush plants have excellent mildew resistance, few spines, and the fruits have strong necks that won’t break when harvested. Sunny Supersett begins bearing early, so you’ll have a long summer season of enjoyable meals with these old-fashioned favorites.

Seed Count: Approx. 25-30 / Weight: 1.5 g
 Cold Winters Mild Winters Sun/Shade Sow Seeds Days to Germinate Days to Harvest
May-June April-June
Full sun
Rows: 1 ft. apart Hills: 6 in. apart
7 - 10 days Approx. 40


Summer squash needs full sun, rich fertile soil and warm temperatures. Plant only when spring weather is warm and settled and night temperatures stay above 50F (10C). Sow groups of 3 seeds 1 in. deep and 1 ft. apart. Thin to 1 strong seedling per group. Or, plant in slightly mounded hills, 2 ft. apart, sowing 5 or 6 seeds in each hill. When seedlings are several in. long, it is critical to thin hill-planted seedlings to the 2 strongest plants so they have ample room to grow.


Amend soil well before sowing with lots of aged manure or compost. Protect young seedlings from marauding birds by covering with green plastic berry baskets at planting time, removing when plants get crowded. Be sure to thin properly - you will have more productive, disease-free plants if seedlings have enough room to mature.


For succulent texture and best flavor, pick Supersett crooknecks when they are no more than 4 to 6 in. long. Frequent harvesting keeps plants producing tasty new fruits all season long. These little squashes shine when when freshly picked and simply steamed or poached in broth to serve with fresh herb butter.

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