Zinnia Granny&
Zinnia Granny&
Zinnia Granny&
Zinnia Granny&

Zinnia Granny's Bouquet - Renee's Garden Seeds

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Granny’s Bouquet

Heirloom Zinnias

(Zinnia elegans)
We’ve made our own carefree mix of hard-to-find varieties with different flower forms. Enjoy antique bicolor-splashed “Carousel,” exotic needle-petal “Cactus,” chartreuse ruffled “Envy” and free-blooming starry crested “California Giant.” This charming collage comes in all the radiant zinnia shades including orange, scarlet, cherry, violet, rose, salmon, cream, gold, yellow and chartreuse. These easy growing and rewarding old-fashioned favorites are perfect for long blooming borders and centerpiece bouquets.
Seed Count: Approx. 135