Zucchini Romanesco - Renee&
Zucchini Romanesco - Renee&
Zucchini Romanesco - Renee&

Zucchini Romanesco - Renee's Garden Seeds

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Cucurbita pepo

Bred in Italy for traditional flavor and style, Romanesco is prized for its creamy, sweet flesh. The tender, plump fruits are classically striped in dark green with slight ridges. Plants offer improved disease resistance and early harvests. This is the most scrumptious zucchini we have found, with nutty-tasting flesh that is never bland or watery. Like all true Italian varieties, Romanesco’s edible blossoms hold well on fruits to stuff or sauté as a summer delicacy.

Seed Count: Approx. 15-18 / Weight: 3.5 g
F-1 Hybrid
Plant In Sun/Shade Planting Depth Space Seeds Days to Germinate Days to Harvest
Full sun
1 in.
Rows: 2 Ft. Hills: 4 in. 
7 - 10 days Approx. 48


Summer squash needs full sun, rich fertile soil and warm temperatures. Plant only when spring weather is warm and settled and night temperatures stay above 50F (10C). Sow groups of 2 to 3 seeds 1 in. deep and 2 ft. apart, in rows 3 ft. apart. Thin to 1 strong seedling per group. Or, make slightly mounded hills, 2 ft. in diameter and 3 ft. apart, sowing 5 or 6 seeds in each hill. When seedlings are several inches long, thin hill-planted seedlings to the 2 strongest plants per hill.


Amend soil well before sowing with lots of aged manure or compost. Protect young seedlings from marauding birds by covering with green plastic berry baskets at planting time, removing when plants get crowded. Be sure to thin properly - you will have more productive, disease-free plants if seedlings have enough room to mature.


For succulent texture and best flavor; pick Romanesco when no more than 6 to 8 in. long. Frequent harvesting keeps plants producing tasty new fruits over a longer season. Slice lengthwise, brush with olive oil and grill until tender, then sprinkle with your favorite chopped herbs. Or combine chunks of Romanesco, onion, peppers and whole garlic cloves, toss with a little oil and bake in the oven until tender.

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