Pea Grey Sugar Snow - Salt Spring Seeds

Pea Grey Sugar Snow - Salt Spring Seeds

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Early maturing, old heirloom with attractive purple flowers growing to 76-90cm (28-36") tall. The leaves and tendrils have a subtle red tint, and are great for salads, stir-fries and garnishes. Delicious, petite, sweet, crisp, and tender 2" snow pea pods. No staking is required.

Provide support for climbing varieties. 

Peas: Sow early spring. Space 2" apart. 

Favas/Broad Beans: Sow early spring. Can be sown in fall and overwintered in mild climates. Space up to 12" apart.

Chick Peas/ Garbanzos & Lentils: Sow mid to late spring. Space 6-10" apart.

Warm weather Beans: Sow mid-May to mid-June. Space climbing varieties 2-4" apart, bush snap varieties 3- 6" apart and bush dry varieties 6-12" apart.

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