Scatter Endless Bouquets - Renee&
Scatter Endless Bouquets - Renee&
Scatter Endless Bouquets - Renee&
Scatter Endless Bouquets - Renee&

Endless Bouquets Scatter Can - Renee's Garden

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Mixed Annual Flower Varieties

Grow your own gorgeous cut flowers that bloom in succession throughout spring and summer. Make lavish bouquets using nature's own paint box of beautiful colors and forms.

Ample 1.5 oz. seeds covers 350 to 450 sq.ft.


The seed mix is packed with a larger quantity of organic rice hulls to help space the tiny seeds. Before opening, shake canister thoroughly to mix them together.


As soon as ground can be worked in early spring, sow mix in ordinary garden soil in full sun. In mild climates, where the ground does not freeze hard in winter, seeds can also be planted in late fall to over-winter and bloom the next spring.

Prepare the planting area by removing all weeds, grass and large stones. Break up soil clumps and evenly loosen the top 2 inches of soil with a digging fork or shovel, then smooth out with a flat rake.

Shake can thoroughly, then scatter the contents thinly and evenly over prepared ground. Using your rake, lightly cover the seed mixture, about ¼ inch deep, and then lightly firm the soil. Water evenly with a gentle mist. Keep bed moist while awaiting germination and when the seedlings are small.


Harvesting opening flowers regularly for bouquets will help to encourage repeat bloom. Plants will flower in succession and bloom much longer if watered regularly. At season’s end, allow spent flowers to form pods and then drop their seeds to bloom again next spring.


(Callistephus chinensis)
2 A 12 - 36" Blue/Pink/White/Purple
(Calendula officinalis)
10 A 12 - 24" Yellow/Orange/Cream
Bachelor Buttons
(Centaurea cyanus)
8 A

12 - 36"
(Clarkia amoena)
2 A 10 - 18" Pink/White
(Clarkia elegans)

3 A 10 - 18" Pink/Lavender
Plains Coreopsis
(Coreopsis tinctoria)

3 A 12 - 36" Yellow-Maroon
(Cosmos bipinnatus)

7 A 36 - 60" White/Pink/Crimson/Rose
Chinese Forget-Me-Not
(Cynoglossum amabile)

10 A/B 18 - 24" Blue
(Delphinium ajacis)
3 A 12 - 36" White/Pink/Blue/Violet
African Daisy
(Dimorphotheca aurantiaca)
5 A 10 - 16" Orange/Salmon/White
(Eschscholzia californica)
2 TP 12 - 18" Yellow/Orange
Annual Gaillardia
(Gaillardia pulchella)
2 A 12 - 24" Yellow-Red
Baby's Breath
(Gypsophila elegans)
8 A 8 - 18" White
(Helianthus annus)
2 A 24 - 72" Yellow
(Helichrysum monstrosum)
1 A 24 - 36" Yellow/White/Red/Pink
(Iberis umbellata)
5 A 12 - 18" White/Pink/Violet
Lavatera (Tree Mallow)
(Lavatera trimestris)
2 A 24 - 48" White/Pink
Alyssum Tall (Sweet Alyssum)
(Lobularia maritima)
5 TP 8 - 16" White
Evening Primrose
(Oenothera lamarckiana)
1 B/P 24 - 60" Yellow
Shirley Poppy
(Papaver rhoeas)
3 A 12 - 30" White/Pink/Red
California Bluebells
(Phacelia campanularia)
1 A 8 - 20" Blue
Black Eyed Susan
(Rudbeckia hirta)
5 A/B/P 12 - 36" Yellow
(Silene armeria)
2 A/B 16 - 22" Pink
(Tagetes erecta)
3 A 12 - 16" Yellow/Orange/Maroon
(Zinnia elegans)
5 A 12 - 36" White/Purple/Yellow/Orange/Red


Inert Material: Organic rice hulls
A = Annual B = Biennial TP = Tender Perennial

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