Ammi Bishop&
Ammi Bishop&
Ammi Bishop&

Ammi Bishop's Flower - West Coast Seeds

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Ammi majus

  • Attracts beneficial insects
  • Nice cut flowers
  • Open pollinated seeds
  • Blooms mid- to late summer

This open pollinated  variety is the natural species version of False Queen Anne's Lace. It looks good in almost any setting, adding a touch of naturalistic beauty. The stiff, upright stems bear giant, 15cm (6") wide umbels of tiny white flowers, and these act as a magnet for beneficial insects. Not only do the flowers attract and feed pollinators, but they also attract a host of predatory insects that will scour the garden looking for pests to eat. Lacewings, ladybirds, hover flies, and parasitoid wasps all take up residence where Bishop's Flower is planted, and they do a terrific job of minimizing damage from aphids and caterpillars. It's useful as a cut flower.


 0.5g (Approx. 825 Seeds)

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